Sunday, 9 March 2014

Ellen is 7 and endoscopy

Ellen is eventually 7. Not for one moment back in 2009 did we think she would ever reach this milestone. She had a really fun birthday in center parcs followed by a birthday party at 'funky fun house', with her school friends. She then had to have an endoscopy at Kings in London last friday. Her last endoscopy was cancelled due to a more pressing case (always a relief not to be that case!). Friday was thank-fully very straight forward and Ellen didn't even need to spend the night in hospital.

Last weekend Ellen featured in our local paper. The link is below. We are normally terribly reluctant to do anything so exposing however, Cancer Research UK funded a large chunk of Ellen's treatment. When they phoned me and asked if they could use Ellen's story to promote a current fundraising idea I replied "not a chance". I then realised that the person to decide was not me but Ellen. So, that evening I asked her "what would you think of being in the papers to tell the story about when you were unwell?". Her response was "I would love to", and you know it has been a real boost for her. So, if we have raised a bit of money for charity and Ellen feels more confident thats great ....

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